Risen Motherhood

We’ve started a mini-series (if you will) on this old blog where every month, we try to highlight a resource to help engage people in missions, discipleship, etc.

So far, we’ve highlighted:

Today, I want to highlight another resource that has so greatly encouraged me as a mama to two (almost three!) littles:

Risen Motherhood is a community that seeks to provide Gospel hope for moms. And even if you aren’t a mama of young kids, I can almost guarantee that this podcast will help you keep your focus on eternal things.  Through podcasts, articles, and more, the ladies at R|M connect the Truth and Hope of the Gospel to every day life:

  • Struggling with discipline? See how the Gospel applies.
  • Want to serve healthy snacks? Explore how the Gospel ties in.
  • Have a heart for adoption? The Gospel connects directly to that.

New 20-minute podcasts come out weekly (if you’re into that – which I totally am), but they also produce articles and resources to help equip mamas. And these ladies are active on social media!

The ladies on the R|M team share their hearts and the Gospel in an approachable, easy-to-understand way that always encourages me to seek the Lord, spend more time in His word, and be more intentional with my marriage and children.

PS – if you’re a man or a dad seeking a comparable resource for yourself, the Dad Tired community may be for you!

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