Friday Favorites: Ground Shaking Edition

Last Friday morning, our region experienced a very large, very scary earthquake. Since then, we have close to 3,000 aftershocks. Things are still unstable here – but we are thankful to know the unchanging, unshakable God!

We celebrated Ruth’s third birthday this week! This girl brings such joy to our lives and we can’t wait to see how God uses her to reach many for Himself.

We have been reading Christmas books before bedtime! Anyone else love doing that? This year, our girls are really into the touch-and-feel books, like this one and this one. After reading them one night, Clara just walked right over to Ruth, who was snuggled in my lap, and wanted to lay down right next to her. Such sweet sisters!

Allen’s classes were cancelled this week because of the earthquake, so we enjoyed some quiet evenings at home. We like watching “The Great British Baking Show” so typically, we put the girls to bed, get a few things done, then sit on our bed to watch it on Netflix (but to be honest, we were a little perturbed by the winner of the season we just finished). 

I LOVED reminiscing about my time in India this week, too. If you missed it, you can read the post here!

And you guys: we reached 59% of our monthly support need! We had two new partners join our team this week and we are JAZZED that they did. Every partner is so special to our family and we pray that we are a blessing to them, too.

Phew. That’s all we have for you today. This week has been weird due to the earthquake last Friday. Everything just feels a little “off.” Hopefully this weekend will help get things back on track for our family.

Have a great weekend!

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