Happy Birthday, Ruth!

Our biggest little girl is turning three today!

Ruth is an excitable, caring, strong-willed girl who loves her family and friends (and horses) fiercely.

She refers to people as “kids” and frequently says, “I want to play with my kids” while en route to church, referring to both her adult and older peer friends.

She is acutely aware of when people are hurting, giving life to her name (which means “friend”).

This girl loves to be cozy, play outside, drink hot cocas, take me coffee at work, go on adventures, watch movies, play with dolls (her babies), make her plastic horses run on things, sing and play music, run around with her stroller, and would eat PB&J for every meal if we let her.

Ruth, we pray daily that you would know the Lord and serve Him with your life. We are proud of you for already knowing that Jesus helps you be brave when you are scared, that He wants you to talk to Him, and that He loves you.

We love you, Ruthie bug. Happy third birthday!

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