The Aftermath

Hi friends – what a doozy of a weekend for us Alaskans! Friday, November 30th, we were hit hard with a 7.0 earthquake that shook us to the core.

I was walking down the hallway at work when I heard rumbling (earthquakes are LOUD for those of you who have never been in one!). I thought it was people stomping around on the ceiling, so I paused to consider this… and then the shaking started… and then kept going. I turned, ran back to my office, and dove under a coworker’s desk where I started praying for Allen and the girls, who were back home. “Lord, please protect my husband. Please protect my girls.” Over and over, this mantra ran through my mind and my heart as I knelt in the only semblance of safety I could reach, cradling my own littlest one, safe in my belly, in my arms.

Allen was in the middle of changing Clara’s diaper in the girls’ room while Ruth watched a movie at the dining room table. He heard the rumbling, too, and thought Ruth was doing something. And then the shaking started… and with it, the power went out immediately. He grabbed his phone to use the flashlight and made his way out to Ruth, clutching Clara in his arms. He and the girls crouched in a corner, waiting for things to stop.

I called Allen during the first interlude. I was frantic to know they were okay. As we were talking, the first aftershock hit and we all dove under desks and tables again. The aftershocks continued for the rest of the morning (and, in fact, the rest of the weekend). 

The girls were not handling things well – Ruth, especially, was pretty unnerved. My gracious boss allowed me to head home mid-morning and I was able to scoop up my girls, hug my husband, and for the first time in hours, unwind a little.

We spent the rest of Friday trying to relax, verifying things were okay at our house (we had two things tip/fall: a vase from Israel tipped over and a basket of stuff in our closet fell off our safe), and trying to calm our girls.

Even now, Ruth keeps saying, “Mommy, tell me about the earthquake.” And I tell her about what I did, always ending on how I was praying for her and daddy and Clara, how God heard my prayers, and how God protected us. And she keeps saying, “It got dark in the house and the earthquake said ‘ROAR!'” Sweet girl. We are trying to help her process things in a way that is best for her.

She asked for a Bible verse about the earthquake, so we started memorizing Psalm 46:1-2 –

“God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. So we  will not fear when earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea.”

Thank you for praying for us and other Alaskans this weekend. Specifically, as you think of our family, pray for these things:

  • Understandably, Ruth is not sleeping well. Pray for God’s peace to cover her as we memorize Psalm 46:1-2.
  • I re-injured my pulled muscle while running back to my office and taking shelter. The soonest I can get into a physical therapist is December 20th. Please pray for healing and relief from the pain.

Additionally, we praise God that He protected our family and our home. He is such a good God.

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