Friday Favorites: Snow, Cookies, and More!

Happy happy Friday and last day of November! Allen and I have been on this pre-field adventure for about 8 and a half months now and as the year starts to wind down, its fun to reflect on where we have been and where the Lord is leading us.

… but for today, we’ll just cover the last week or so!

First up: Christmas! This week we put up the tree (and a bench to protect the ornaments from toddlers), hung and filled our advent calendar, and put up lights. It is so fun to see everything so festive. Allen and the girls decorated a tree outside and every night, they wait to see it turn on.

Allen and I also made cookies one evening. Every year, my mom would make these peanut butter blossoms and I was missing them… so we baked some, topped them with dark chocolate Hershey kisses, and took them to class and work, respectively. They. Were. Delicious.

Another Christmas tradition is to decorate cookies with Ms. Linda! We have been doing this together for YEARS and I’m thankful this year was no different (except for the added baby bumps!).

We posted our November newsletter and video update this week, which is always a favorite! You can read it here if you missed it.

And we got snow! It is so nice to look outside and see white instead of… yuck. I hope it stays for a while!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us: date night, third trimester class at my midwife, a friend’s baby shower, church, Ruth’s birthday party, a ministry meeting… plus painting Hudson’s bedroom and catching up on laundry (why do our kids keep wearing clothes?!). So here’s to enough grace to cover the crazy, sleep, and big cups of coffee. Have a great weekend!

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