November 2018 Newsletter

Our November 2018 Newsletter is now available!

It will be delivered to email inboxes this morning, but if you just can’t wait to get your hands on it, click here to read it now!

If you think you should have gotten it, but didn’t: check your junk/spam folder! We send our newsletters out through a program called MailChimp and they are sometimes flagged as spam.

If you want to sign up for our newsletter: let us know through this link!

We’re trying something new this month, too. You may have seen our outtakes on Instagram, but Allen and I recorded a video version of our newsletter, which is available on YouTube! It’s only about 4 minutes long and covers some of the highlights. This is ideal for showing in a church service or small group setting, sharing on social media, and more. So please let us know what you think!

3 thoughts on “November 2018 Newsletter

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