Friday Favorites

1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Isn’t that a marvelous verse? It is God’s will for us in Christ Jesus to give thanks in all circumstances. 

We tend to think about being thankful a lot this time of year – which we are right to do! – but really, this refrain of being thankful should be present in our lives year-round…

Even when we are in physical pain. Even when we are unsure what God is doing. Even when we are facing loss. Even when finances are tight or jobs are tumultuous or relationships are strained or whatever is going on your life.

Give thanks in all circumstances. 

How? How can we give thanks when everything else in the world seems to be taking over our minds and bodies and lives?

Well, we choose to renew our minds. We choose to set our minds on things above, not on early things. And we choose to be thankful

We ate a delightful lunch yesterday with friends like family. Our little house was filled with happy conversations, music, puzzles, screaming and playing kids, and shoes by the front door.

Ruth was playing and not at all interested in our (partial) group photo. Please note the Black Friday ads, play chips on the floor, and toys scattered abroad. They indicate it was a fun afternoon.

Ruth’s favorite Christmas movie is “The Polar Express” and I bet she has watched it ten times already in the last week. She and Clara begged to watch it over breakfast the other day. And yes, they are eating PBJ for breakfast… which is another one of their favorites.

I pulled a muscle and it makes things like rolling over at night, getting up, walking, lifting my leg, etc. very difficult and painful (so please pray for a quick recovery when you think of me). To speed the recovery, I’ve been staying up later than usual taking epsom salt baths and still not sleeping well at night. Allen sent me this and it was very reflective of my week and how i was feeling:

Earlier this week, a group of sweet coworkers pulled me aside and prayed over me and baby Hudson. It came at the PERFECT time and reminded me that we are not alone.

God sees our pain, our struggles, our aches. As we rejoice in those things, as mentioned earlier, He is glorified.

So Happy Thanksgiving week. Enjoy your leftover food, Christmas decorating, shopping, or whatever else the weekend holds! We. Are. Blessed.

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