Tuesday Talk: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Tuesday-Before-Thanksgiving! We have a pretty quiet week (Allen’s classes are cancelled) and are looking forward to a few days off as a family this weekend. But first! Some praises and prayer requests.

  • We had a fun family weekend that involved Christmas shopping and beginning to prepare Hudson’s room!
  • Ruth slept in her bed twice this weekend! If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that we’ve had some issues with kid-sleep (which affects ALL sleep!). Well, twice in the last week or so, Ruth slept in her big girl bed, instead of on the floor. We count that as a win and definite progress!

Prayer Requests:

  • I’m experiencing a lot of pregnancy-related pain. At about 32 weeks, I am starting to near the end of this pregnancy, but I can sure feel it. Please pray for comfort from the pain and a continued time of health for me and Hudson. He is due January 17th and we are looking forward to his arrival with eager anticipation!
  • Please continue to pray for our prefield/partnership development process. We are also beginning to explore site visits dates for May 2019 and need several pieces to fall into place for that (time off work, funding, class schedules, obtaining passports, etc.).

Have a great week, friends, and a happy Thanksgiving!

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