Friday Favorites

Ruth had a tough morning one day this week. She didn’t want to eat the breakfast Allen had made, was mean to Clara, and was just… off. Allen, in all his fatherly wisdom, took her aside and asked, “Ruth, what do you want?” Her response?

“Sausage biscuit.”

Um, what?

She just wanted a sausage biscuit. We don’t know why, other than to her almost-three-year-old mind, that sausage biscuit was the answer to all her woes.

So Allen loaded the girls up, drove them to McDonalds, and bought sausage biscuits. And you better believe Ruth’s attitude improved immediately.

Maybe things improved because she has some carbs and protein in her tummy. Maybe she just felt heard and validated. Maybe that time in her car seat just put things back in perspective for her.


I sure had a change in perspective this week.

Have you heard the song “Surrounded (Fight my Battles)“? There are two lines in the whole song that just get repeated over and over (I guess it’s one of those 7-11 songs):

  • This is how I fight my battles
  • It may look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by You
The second line (above) reminded me of 2 Chronicles 20:12, which is a verse I absolutely love.

But the first line made me think of the battles I have been fighting lately: timelines, priorities, pride, people… And to be honest, I think I have been fighting the wrong battles with the wrong weapons.

The true battle is raging, and if I am not fighting on my knees (literally or figuratively) then I am fighting the wrong battle the wrong way.

That change in perspective is so critical so that I am not waylaid or fighting some inconsequential skirmish off to the side. The battle is real, and it isn’t a game. So how am I fighting?

I realize this post got real heavy real fast. So before you go, here are some other fun things from the week:

Freezing rain = terrible roads but beautiful trees!

I had an appointment with my midwife this week and when it was done, we snagged some ice cream on a quick family date!

And finally, the sunsets this week were just stellar. What a mighty God we serve!

Have a great weekend, friends. Get some sleep, go to a craft show, drink some cocoa, and fight the right battles.

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