Tuesday Talk

Life is all just one big transition, isn’t it? You think you have one thing down, then something changes or gets tweaked and you start all over again.

This year, our family has undertaken a huge transition: Our whole lives shifted from being in Alaska for the foreseeable future to preparing to serve in Togo, West Africa. And within that shift, there have been many other (smaller) ones… finding out we’re having another baby, changing our ministry focus at church, engaging in prefield.

And now, we have several other transitions coming up that we would appreciate your prayers for:

  • Allen’s classes started again this week. Pray for his safety as he drives an hour each way to class, for focus and perseverance in his courses, and for good time management.
  • I have about 2 more months left in this pregnancy… and we have lots to do before little Hudson makes his appearance! Pray for us to rightly prioritize little things (like prepping freezer meals) with more important things (like preparing our daughters for the new addition).
  • With Hudson’s appearance, we will likely step back from prefield a little bit for a month or two. Pray for more partners to come on board before then and that we would know how to minister to them over the holiday season.

In addition to those transitional things, we have been in touch with several churches about partnering with us. This week, we are praying specifically that one church in particular contact us for a meeting. As the Lord brings it to your mind, please join us in praying about this!

We are so thankful for you, your faithful prayers, and your encouragement to our family!

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