Friday Favorites

Confession: I started listening to Christmas music. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and Christmas is in 6 and a half weeks, so don’t judge.

Have you heard “Its About the Cross” by Go Fish? It’s new to me and I love the reminder that even Christmas is about the cross – Christ being born once so that we can be born again.


Thank you all for your kind comments after Tuesday’s post – we are so thankful for God’s protection and that Allen’s truck continues to run well… and no more lost tires!

We mentioned in our October Newsletter that our insurance covered most of Clara’s medical bills from June. We received notice of our portion due in the mail this week. Instead of just writing a check and mailing it like I usually do, I called each office to ask if we could get a discount if we paid the balance in full over the phone that day. And guess what: Several of the bills were reduced even more just because I asked! Saving that extra money right before Christmas was definitely a favorite… but even more so, was seeing how God continues to provide for us, according to His riches in glory.

Story of my Life

Allen sent me the above cartoon this week and it made me laugh. #truestory

Being engaged in prefield ministry is nothing short of an adventure and if it isn’t one thing, it’s a million others! But I’m constantly reminded that even in a swirly-whirly world, God always moves us forward. It might not seem like it, but as we walk by faith, we know He does.

Ruth Craft Show

I took Ruth to a craft show on Sunday and she really did have fun (despite this picture – I have no idea why she made this face and I didn’t realize it until I looked through my phone later)! We tasted fudge (and picked two flavors to bring home), smelled all the soaps (and she pretended to sneeze after each one), and she received a free sticker and a little bear ornament for our tree! My mama and I used to go to all the craft shows together this time of year and I’m excited to share that tradition with my own girls now.

Batts - Message Magazine

ALSO! You guys! ABWE released their newest issue of “Message Magazine” that includes profiles of all the missionaries appointed this year and guess who is in it?! WE ARE! Read more at (Want more information about the Message Magazine? We wrote more about it here.)

57Finally, at the time I’m writing this, we are officially at 57% of our monthly support! Thank you a million times over to the two new partners who joined our team this week!

Allen and I had a meeting of the minds earlier this week and set a goal: We’d like to be at 75% of our monthly support by year-end. This will accomplish two key purposes:

  • It will allow us to step back for a couple months in January as we adjust to having a new baby and
  • It will help our Outfit & Passage grow more quickly over time.

Did you know that people wishing to partner with us can make a support commitment online and delay their giving to a later date? You can sign up to be part of our team now and not give until after the Holidays (or after tax season!).

We are prayerfully and intentionally pursuing this goal and can’t wait to discover who else the Lord has in mind to be on our partnership team. Think that could be you? We’d love to share more with you about our anticipated ministries in Togo!

Have a great weekend, friends.

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