Tuesday Talk

Have you ever had something happen that just left you feeling like, “What in the world?!” How did you respond to that? We had a moment like that over the weekend…

Periodically, Allen and the girls will bring me lunch at work and we’ll eat together. It’s a nice break for all of us and Allen and I relish these “dates” in my office’s break room.

This last Friday, on their way to my office with the best sandwiches in Alaska, one of the tires flew off Allen’s truck. We aren’t quite sure what caused it, other than maybe it wasn’t seated right when he changed to his winter tires. Nonetheless, the truck spun twice and ended up in the opposite ditch, with the rogue tire 100 yards down the street.

So when I got the text that said, “We won’t be able to have lunch today. A tire just flew off my truck,” I promptly called Allen and said, “WHAT?! What in the word?!” And I started praying.

Some praises from that situation:

  • No injuries. Both girls were snug and safe in their car seats (Ruth even exclaimed, “That was fun! Let’s do it again!” to which Allen replied emphatically, “NO!”) and Allen is unscathed as well.
  • Safe landing in the ditch. The truck just slid right into a level, snow-packed ditch. It did not roll or even tip. It was just level and even, like nothing was wrong.
  • No other vehicles involved. No one was coming in the opposite direction when Allen crossed lanes; he did not hit another vehicle when the tire came loose; the tire didn’t even hit anything! When we found it, it was just nonchalantly sitting on the side of the road.
  • Quick and friendly towing services. Praise the Lord, MTR was able to pick up Allen’s truck quickly and deliver it to our house. They even gave us a $25 discount. It was a small thing, but blessed us immensely.

We spent the evening praying, wondering, “What are we going to do?!”, and debating our options: Take out a loan and buy another (third-row seating) vehicle. Be a one-car family (for as long as possible so we could save for another vehicle). Fix the truck (with unknown repairs for an unknown amount of money).

On Saturday, we prayed some more. Allen was able to jack up the truck and take a look underneath. We were expecting the worst: twisted axles, ruined brake drums, the works. What he found was best-case scenario: only the bolts that hold on the tire were warped/bent and needed to be replaced. Everything else looked fine.

On Sunday, with the help of a friend from church, the guys were able to replace the bolts (for about $3.00 each), double-check everything underneath the truck, re-seat the tire and wheel, and take a test drive. Results: no issues.

On Monday, Allen drove the truck to a tire shop where they checked the wheel and performed a vehicle inspection. Results: a new wheel for the tire and a green light that everything, truly, is okay.

We are so thankful for the safety the Lord granted our family this weekend, for the wisdom he gave Allen in checking the truck and the help of a friend to get things done, for the grace of two different companies in helping meet our needs, and for his provision.

Some pictures of the incident:

God is good and we are blessed.

Some other praises and prayer requests:

  • Allen’s classes start next Monday, November 12th. Please pray for a smooth transition back to school for our family.
  • Wisdom in partnership development. We love to pray about and seek out new partners – it’s fun discovering who the Lord has picked to be on our team and we are thankful for each person and church. But we need diligence in this area of our prefield ministry, especially with the Holiday season coming up.
  • We’ve asked for prayer about a computer – we are going to see what deals are available on Black Friday and go from there! Thank you for praying!
  • Finally, we had a great time Saturday morning at our Batts Abroad Brunch! Thank you to the friends and partners who came to hang out with us and hear about the orphan ministry. We love you and praise God for your support. We will have another partner get-together in February so you can meet the newest member of our Batts Abroad family – baby Hudson!

We are praying for you too, friends! Have a great week.

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