Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! From dinosaurs in our church and our first snow to memorizing Genesis 1:1, this has been quite the week for our family.

If you don’t have an almost three-year-old in your home all the time, you are missing out. You’re probably sleeping a lot, but you’re missing out.

Last weekend, we went out to FLBC’s Fall Festival. We played games, earned some candy, etc. But apparently, for Ruth, the highlight was seeing one of our youth girls dressed in a dinosaur costume. Now, at the time, Ruth and Clara were both TERRIFIED of this dinosaur… then Ruth saw her take the costume off. Ever since last Saturday, she has been saying, “I saw a dinosaur in the church! It was funny!” And we talk about how yes, we saw a dinosaur, but it was really just Amelia and it was so funny!

We got our first snow! Alaska went from beautiful fall to beautiful winter in about 24 hours. This summer, Allen cut a trail in the trees behind our yard for the girls to play on and he and Ruth spent some time stomping through it Monday evening.

We started helping Ruth memorize scripture. I’d thought about doing this months ago and then was crippled by the fear of not starting with the right one. So I finally decided we’d start where the Bible itself starts – Genesis 1:1. So a couple weeks ago, we started saying it all the time, coming up with motions, etc. And the other day, we were driving to the store and she said the whole thing by herself in the backseat, with motions! I was so so proud. Of course, when I tried to record her saying it again, she wouldn’t, but we’ll keep working on it.

Clara has been so happy this week! Maybe it’s because 4 of her molars are almost in, or maybe it’s because of the snow, but she has been such a ham. Getting sweet pictures of her during the day is always a favorite.

Finally, two other favorites:

If you missed either of those things, take a minute to check them out.

And tomorrow, we are hosting our Batts Abroad Brunch at 9:30am at our house! Come join us as we share some new information about the orphan ministry in Togo.

Have a great weekend!

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