Tuesday Talk

Want to hear a not-so-funny, very typical life-with-toddlers story?

When I graduated from college, my parents bought me a very nice Apple computer. I used it for the last 8 years for everything: my Master’s degree, storing photos, email, Pinterest, etc. Earlier this year, Ruth spilled apple juice on it (ironic) and killed it.

When Allen started back to classes full-time, we bought him a Chromebook that he could use to do homework on. He used it for a couple years for everything: writing papers, doing research, etc. Earlier this year, Ruth broke the power outlet, meaning that it didn’t hold a charge and needed to be plugged in constantly in order to work. Then, a couple weeks ago, one of our girls stepped on the computer and broke the screen. It is unusable.

We have an iPad that we’ve been using to research things, update blog posts, watch Netflix, etc. But with Allen starting school again next month, we really need a durable laptop that will (Lord willing) last through the rest of prefield and our first term overseas. Please join us in praying for wisdom about which device to purchase and when to purchase it.

Other prayer requests:

  • Allen’s schooling. Pray that he will have focus and endurance to finish, a vision to see how God will use this education in the future, and good time management skills.
  • Clara is teething and Ruth has a cold… so this is our life right now:

Image result for Funny Toddler Memes

  • For our teammates in Togo: Joan is recovering from bronchitis and her translator Magguie is experiencing complications with her diabetes. Pease pray for healing for both ladies.

We know that so many of you have needs right now, too: big family changes requiring trust and faith, events coming up at church and in your families, wisdom with jobs… we hear the uncertainty in your voices when we talk to you, see the heaviness of your hearts, and are kneeling before the Father with you as you seek His will in these things. Thank you for letting us walk this road with you.

Finally, a reminder:

img_0255-2Join us this Saturday, November 3rd, at our house from 9:30am – 11:00am for our Batts Abroad Brunch!

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