Friday Favorites

For the last five or six days, we have been galavanting around my parents’ property in eastern Oregon. Their 600+ acres are remote high desert and the view from their home is incredible.

All that to say, it has been a quiet week (except for toddlers screaming at 2:00am), discovering mom and dad’s new way of life (hint: it includes lost of flashlights and fences repairs!), and feeding cows.

I follow a blogger on Instagram (@todaysletters) who frequently says, “Here’s to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.” That quote has been running through my mind… so much so that I shared it with a friend earlier this week. The quote reminds me that gratitude is greater than expectations, that finding joy in little things is greater than waiting for something big.

So this week, we are grateful for…

…kids who finally fall asleep on planes…

… opportunities to be brave in the face of new things…

… slotted spoons that sift dirt (and baby wipes to clean messy hands and faces)…

… snuggles with Mimi…

… rides in Papa’s side-by-side that take us up and over mountains…

… and passing our first driving lessons with flying colors.

Not pictured: exploring the treasure that is the Palamino Store, talking with 75 year old post mistresses, games of Phase 10, stovetop coffee, and shooting holes in old toilets.

We are thankful for a place to refresh and regroup, for parents who show grace during those nightly wake ups, and for a slower pace for a week or so.

Happy Friday, friends!

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