Togo in the News: Growing Rice

Rice is a key crop in Togo (well, in most of West Africa). So when innovations and projects help increase rice output, it is a big deal. Though focusing on Liberia as well, this article explains more!

The Smart Valleys approach to growing rice uses inland valleys to plant rice, which increases water retention (thus guarding the crop from draught) and can be implemented without high costs or effort.

Where this has been tested in Togo, farmers employing the Smart Valleys approach have seen crop yields increase from 1.5-2 tons per hectare (1 hectare = about 2.5 acres) to 3.5-4.5 tons per hectare!

rice in togo

We know that “man does not live on bread alone.” But when a physical need (such as hunger) is met in a real and tangible way, people are more open to hearing about how their spiritual need can be met through Christ.

Pray that as the Togolese (and others in West Africa) have access to food that feeds their physical need, and they will seek the Living Water to meet their spiritual needs, as well.

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