Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday! Trees are looking bare, there is an undeniable chill in the air, and I just want to wear cozy scarves (but that last part isn’t new). What is new? These praises and prayer requests!


  • For a few weeks now, we’ve asked for prayer about insurance paying for Clara’s surgery she had in July… and it looks like they will! I think we will be responsible for about 15% of the cost (PRAISE THE LORD!). Thank you for praying with us!
  • I started a Bible study with a friend from church on Saturday and we had a great time chatting about the Word. I’m excited to continue meeting with her!

Prayer Requests:

  • We have gotten to the point in Ruth’s sleep situation that we have embraced that this is just our life right now (this whole her sleeping on the floor, bedroom door open thing). What we still have not embraced is her waking up every hour during the night! So there’s that. Allen and I pray together every night before bed, and every night, he prays for good sleep and good rest. You can join us in that constant prayer!
  • Allen will be transitioning back into classes in the next few weeks. Please pray for a smooth time of transition, the ability for us to quickly settle into a new routine, and clarity of mind through it all…
  • … and speaking of Allen starting classes again, we sat down last night to watch a movie on our laptop and realized that the screen was broken! We will have to buy a new laptop before classes start in early November. Please pray with us for God to provide one.

Thanks for praying, friends. We appreciate you!

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