The Missions Podcast

A few weeks ago, we mentioned the Message Magazine. Today, we want to share another great missions resource with you!

The Missions Podcast releases new episodes weekly that focus on the practical “hands-on” work of missions (such as church planting methodology), interviews missionaries (such as this missionary to Togo), and provides some historical context of missions (such as this discussion about Lucy Peabody).

I’ve enjoyed listening to the episodes to and from work (they are about 40 minutes in length). They help me keep my focus on what really matters: making disciples and fulfilling the Great Commission.

Though it is produced by ABWE, the Missions Podcast is really cross-denominational and brings together all who believe in and support true, biblical missions. We encourage you to listen in, share your thoughts, and get motivated to engage in missions as a sender or go-er.

Right now, the Missions Podcast has a contest going to celebrate their one-year anniversary. CLICK HERE to find out more and see how to enter. Five winners will receive a copy of the book Radical Together by David Platt and an ABWE GO t-shirt. Good luck!

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