These Days

Since our timeline was adjusted recently and our projected language school start date was pushed back a year, you may be wondering what we’re actually doing these days. Well, here’s an update of what we’re doing now to prepare to serve in Togo.


Allen is a part-time student at Wayland Baptist University and a full-time stay-at-home-Dad. Right now, his primary preparations for Togo include finishing his Christian Ministry degree, calling churches to set up appointments to share about Togo (and following up with them), posting on social media (follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!), and leading our family to grow closer to the Lord during this season. He also does the majority of the cooking in our house (for him, it’s a small break from our kids!).


I (Melissa) am working full time as a Business Systems Analyst for the Mat-Su Borough School District. Generally speaking, I organize the majority of ministry appointments, follow-up with prospective partners, send thank-you notes, complete the weekly KCT Coaching report and monthly ABWE ministry reports, and manage this website/blog. Oh, and I’m growing a baby. I am about to start a Bible study with a friend from church and am super excited about that!


Ruth is busy learning to sleep in a big girl bed, playing with horses, and reading books. She also loves movies and Disney princesses.


Clara tries to keep up with Ruth (in speed and activity), eats like a champion, and is still working on getting some teeth in. We’re thankful that she still naps once or twice a day.


As a family, we are trying to focus on three key things:

  • New partnership development and maintaining connections with existing partners through this website, social media, cards, texts, quarterly get-togethers, etc.;
  • Finding new ways to engage with our home church (Allen and I both joined new Sunday School classes this fall and simultaneously stepped out of our leadership roles in a couple of ministries. At times, we feel like we aren’t sure where we fit in, with one foot here in Alaska and one foot reaching toward West Africa. We still serve in the nursery once a month, but are looking for what else the Lord has for us to do, if anything.); and
  • Resting, decluttering, and preparing to welcome our newest little one in January (one reason we pushed out our time going to language school is so that we could start that part of our journey rested rather than ragged).

It might not seem like much. We know there are people reading this who homeschool kids, run 600-acre ranches, lead vibrant and growing ministries… and our day-to-day reality isn’t that exciting in comparison. But like Luke 16:10 says,

Luke 16 10

So we’re trying to be faithful in the “very little” things of partnership development, raising our kids to know the Lord, putting our hands to the tasks before us (whether school or work), and engaging in ministry. May we be found faithful in this season.

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