Friday Favorites

If you like pictures, this is the post for you. I’m highlighting our week in photos, with short captions… enjoy!

Batts Abroad Sept 2018

We sent out our September newsletter this week! Did you miss it? Read it here.


The fall photo shoot we had on Sunday was fun and lovely. Thank you, Betty, for the quick photos after lunch!

Who knew Tuesday’s are free coffee (and cocoa) day at Holiday gas stations?!

Remembering my time in Africa and India and celebrating my parents was a favorite this week, for sure! PS – can you tell where I got my funny faces from?


Also, look who I found at the airport last night! So happy to have my dad here for a couple days.

Other than that, we have enjoyed fires in our fireplace, yummy homemade soup and scones, chatting with new partners, and “Sherlock Holmes” on Netflix.

We. Are. Blessed. Tired… but blessed.

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