Tuesday Talk

One-seventh of our whole lives are lived on Tuesdays. Did you ever think about that? What better day to spend some intentional time in prayer for your family and loved ones, ministry, any needs you may have, and just thanking the Lord for His goodness?

Here are the things we’re praising God for and praying about this week:


  • My dad is flying up on Thursday! We are excited to see him for a few days; he’ll leave on Sunday to drive through Canada with a friend.
  • Our sending church has been completing a long-term building project this summer… and we think we’ll be able to take occupancy this week! We are excited to attend Sunday School in the new Education Wing this Sunday, and excited to see how the Lord uses that space for discipleship, missions education, and more in the coming years.

Prayer Requests:

  • Remember when we mentioned that Ruth is now in a “big girl” bed? Yeah, that’s not going so well… I think we spent the last 4 days in a sleep-deprived fog, so we are now praying for consistency, perseverance, and (like always, it seems) rest. We are all so so tired.
  • There was a big storm in south Togo over the weekend. Several trees were felled by the wind, narrowly missing some teammates‘ house and moto. We are praying for their continued safety and quick clean-up efforts, while simultaneously praising God that no one was injured!
  • We continue to pray for new ministry partners. May the Lord raise up the team He desires us to have in His timing.

Ephesians 3 20

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