Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! You. Guys. We have some BIG news to share with you all today, followed by a few other favorites from the week.

I’m sure y’all know that we hit 50% of our monthly need in mid-June. This was a HUGE goal for us, and we were thrilled when we reached it. Then things started going awry. We traveled a lot for training. Kids got sick. Ministry meetings were postponed. And for about 3 months, we felt stalled at 50%. No movement and honestly, at times we had little hope that we would EVER move from 50%.

But God was working in our lives, teaching us great things about His timing and relationships, the importance of rest, and trusting His plans more than our own. And this week, we reached a new milestone:


We are at 51% of our monthly need!

This probably doesn’t seem like a big deal – “Yay, Allen and Melissa, your partnership went up by one whole percentage. Woop de doo…”

But this is huge to us. It is a testament to the faithfulness of God. And here’s why: Our new partner is a gentleman who attends a church we spoke at in June… whom we had never met before. God planted seeds months ago in this individual and THIS WEEK, he chose to partner with us on a monthly basis. We are humbled and thankful.

Not only that, but we heard from three other families this week at our church that they already know they want to partner with us. We have meetings scheduled with all of them in the coming week. AND we have several families who have verbally committed to partnership and we’re just waiting for paperwork to be processed.

We typically don’t post a lot about finances, partnerships, etc. but we were so encouraged this week by people saying, “Hey! We want in on what God is preparing to do through your family in Togo.”

Thank-you-greenSo thank you. Thank you for wanting to be a part of that. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and financially, monthly and through special gifts. You mean more to us than a million loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread.

Other favorites this week:

  • I got a text from a sweet friend who said, “Have you heard the song, “Life Changes” by Thomas Rhett?” I hadn’t, but you better believe I pulled it up right away and LOVED it. What a sweet reminder that life changes and things are never what we think they’ll be… and that’s okay. The Lord has ordained all of it. PS – Thomas Rhett’s daughters are in the music video and they are so so cute. Watch it here:

  • We put up our Togo display at our church this week! The foyer at our church has these big shadow boxes for missions displays… so we “hijacked” one and filled ‘er up! We still need to add a family picture (it will do right below the box, above the coat closet), but we’ll get that up soon (and then change it in January when baby Hudson comes!). In the pictures below, you can also see the display for the other long-term missionary family that our church supports in Ghana, West Africa.

Display 1Display 2Display 3

  • As we shared earlier this week, our site visit to Togo was postponed. We had hoped to head over in October for about 10 days, but due to funding needs, we’ve pushed it back to the spring. HOWEVER. Looking at our Alaska Airlines mileage accounts, we had just enough miles saved up to hop down to Oregon and see my mama for her birthday next month! So we booked our mileage tickets and are so excited to spend a week with my parents on their ranch. The time away before Allen starts classes again in November and the holiday season kicks off will be so welcome. But we’re also excited to visit the church they’ve been attending, see their new house, and just stay up late talking! Here’s a picture of us all when Clara was so little still:


  • We had encouraging conversations this week with future teammates in Togo and ABWE staff. We know that life goes on for other people, just like it does for us… they have struggles and requirements and doubts, just like we do. Friends taking the time to say, “Hey, we prayed for you this week!” “Think about this as you prepare to come over to Togo.” and “You’re doing great and we’re proud of you!” means a lot to our family. Thank you.
  • We’ve been able to focus a lot on relationships this week! I had a great evening with a friend on Monday – we ate dinner, played with Oggie (our English Springer Spaniel pup), and just chatted while sipping tea. The hand-me-down couch in our living room has hosted many great conversations over the years and I’m thankful that it has become a safe and cozy place to engage in life. At the end of our time together, I asked my friend, “Will you sign our guest book?!” She said, “You have a guest book? Actually, I should not be surprised by that at all. Of course you have a guest book.” I’m not sure why or how we became “guest book people,” but I hope that, in signing our guest book, our friends and family feel the depth with which we want to remember, celebrate, and know them. Needless to say, my friend signed our guest book (and if YOU ever come over, we’ll ask you to sign it, too. Promise.).
  • We took a family walk to the lake near our house one evening. We played in the water (and flooded our rain boots), tried to get Oggie to fetch sticks (no luck), and walked home in the evening sunshine to eat PBJ for dinner. We. Love. Fall.


Phew. That was a lot. If you made it this far, congratulations and thanks for sticking with us. Have a great weekend. We have a post coming out on Monday (surprise!) so check back then!

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