Tuesday Talk

This will be short and sweet, because there is really just one thing on our minds this week…

Sick kids.

We had sick kids most of last week and all weekend. Fevers. Coughing. Congestion. Sleeplessness. The whole gamut.

It feels like every time we have things moving forward (ministry meetings planned, projects lined up, etc.), something backs us up. It’s discouraging and frustrating… especially when that “something” is two little girls who can’t really communicate what’s going on in their little bodies and you’re left guessing about what medicine (or warm bath or drink or activity) they need to help them get better.

So we spent our weekend cuddling, watching cartoons on Netflix, and trying to get both girls to drink fluids.

In addition, we were able to play outside in the warm sunshine for a few minutes at a time (sometimes fresh air is the “medicine” they need), I sewed a little bit in the evenings and during nap time, and we ate a delicious breakfast Saturday morning.

This week, please pray for our girls. Pray for quick and thorough healing from the colds they have. Pray for good sleep and the ability to rest. And pray for wisdom for me and Allen to know how to best help them.

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