Friday Favorites

Allen and I never want this website/blog to portray our lives as perpetually lovely and perfect… because they are not. However, our God is.

That being said, this was a rough week. The girls and I picked up a stomach bug on Sunday, which turned into low-grade fevers, coughing, sneezing, no energy, etc. for our kids. This bug is still going strong, so please pray for quick healing!!

However, we did have some highlights to share!

First, one of our sweet ABWE friends, Megan, is a prefield missionary to Brazil. She is so fun, creative, and passionate for making our Lord known in South America. Megan is designing and selling jewelry to help fund her Outfit and Passage. Her stuff is gorgeous, natural-looking, and reasonably priced… and she ships orders! If you’re on the early hunt for some Christmas presents (like we are!), check out her website. More of her designs are also on Instagram and Facebook. Perusing her pieces, emailing back and forth with her, and picking some for Christmas presents was a favorite of mine this week!


Second, we ventured to the Alaska state fair last weekend! Ruth loved playing in the puddles and Clara LOVED the ice cream!


And finally, we had our 20-week ultrasound! While we didn’t get to see Baby Batts’ face, we did get to find out the gender… and we are so excited to welcome our son Hudson James to our family in January! Also, there’s a picture of his foot because, why not? We saw his little toes wiggling, which was so cute.

Alright, y’all. We are hunkering down for the long weekend with hot tea, blankets, and Disney movies to ride out these little colds. See ya next week!


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