Tuesday Talk

I have a feeling that in a couple years, when we have loads of these “Tuesday Talk” posts on our blog, it will be so so fun to read through them and see how God has worked in our lives over the years.

Do you read My Utmost for His Highest? The devotion in it for today was about prayer… how we are most apt to pray when we are at the end of the rope. Prayer does not build up the life of the natural man, but the life of the Son of God in us. I love this line the most:

Give Jesus Christ the opportunity and the room to work.

So today, this week, we’ll do that. Will you join us?


  • Sunday afternoon naps that last two-and-a-half hours.
  • Ultrasounds and doctors appointments that let us see a healthy and growing baby.
  • Friends who get in touch after years because they want to hear more about Togo.

Prayer Requests:

  • We have all had a bit of a stomach bug this week… please pray for quick recovery!
  • God’s provision as we look to do our site visit in October.

We pray for our partners regularly… let us know how we can pray for you this week!

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