Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We had a fun week, and hope you did, too! The Dessert Party we hosted on Saturday was probably our favorite, but read on for some of our other highlights!

Ruth randomly asked to go fishing one evening… so Allen said, “Okay!” and took her to the little lake not far from our house. While she doesn’t quite get the concept of casting and reeling (she’s only 2), they had a great time being outside together. Allen loves to fish, so for his little girl to ask to go fishing made his daddy-heart swell.

Ruth fishing

We had dinner with two sweet friends who were in town from Florida this week. I’ve known Cody for years (like, since middle school), so it was fun to catch up with him and his wife about what’s going on!

Thursday night, we sat around our living room and played instruments… something we hadn’t done in a long time. Allen comes from a long line of musicians (his mama was in a Gospel band that travelled around) and when we got married, it became a big part of our family. We have stringed instruments hanging on our walls, a basket of percussion instruments for the girls to play with, drums… and I have my trusty clarinet from middle school. We played and sang and danced and just enjoyed our time together.

A coworker asked me yesterday how I feel, now that our timeline is adjusted. And I told her, “Our home just feels so much more peaceful.” I’m reminded of Isaiah 26:3

is 26 3.jpgWe’re continuing to trust the Lord and as we do, He is granting us peace.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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