Togo Timeline

“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” – Proverbs 16:9

Isn’t it funny how we think we have things all planned out… and then within just a few short weeks or months, things can change so drastically?!

When we started this journey to Togo, we had anticipated being on pre-field for just a year or so. Our goal was to leave Alaska the spring of 2019 and start language school in France in the fall of 2019. Then we found out I’m pregnant… but we really didn’t see that changing our timeline any.

Then, in addition to my constant morning sickness, we spent a summer travelling to different churches throughout Alaska, attending training on the east coast, working full-time, taking classes, trying to maintain order at home… and we realized how very worn we had become through it all. When we took a step back to evaluate our lives, we saw how we were go-go-going… without any resting.

So we started setting aside some intentional time to rest. I crocheted again (and now, three little pumpkins are decorating the shelf in our living room). We hiked (and Oggie learned to swim). Allen took Ruth fishing (for the first time!). Clara learned to run (and has had several little bumps as a result).

All that to say, we saw how our constant going was more detrimental to our family than helpful to our family. So we adjusted our timeline as a result.

Now, we anticipate heading to language school in the fall of 2020 (a full year later than we thought). Allen will take fewer classes at a time to finish his degree in Christian Ministry. I will sew cute clothes for our kids and braid a wool rug and bake bread. Ruth will learn the alphabet, Clara will learn to talk, our new baby will be born.

We want to leave well. We want our children to be prepared. We want our marriage to be strong. We want our faith to be steadfast. We want all we do to be grounded in love… not in this crazy-eyed focus to get things done.

And as we re-orient ourselves to this new pace, we’re suddenly enjoying things (and people and tasks and life) a whole lot more…