Tuesday Talk

We had a busy and successful weekend and can’t wait to share some praises with you today! We have a few prayer requests, too, and can I just say we are so humbled to know that people are praying for our little family.


  • We had a very successful yard sale on Saturday and raised almost $600 for our Outfit & Passage account! We opened the sale an hour late, it was rainy and cloudy all day, and there were tons of other sales going on… so we feel very blessed (and surprised!) by how the Lord provided.
  • On Sunday, we took some new family photos in Anchorage for Clara’s 1st birthday. We try to take pictures for every new baby and every child’s birthday. Here’s a sneak peek:

    We ordered some prints to update our photo wall in our living room. And I’m not sure if you can tell in that family photo, but Ruth’s hair is the exact same color as mine, which makes me so happy. And Ruth’s dress has horses on it, which makes her so happy. Girlfriend is currently obsessed with all things horse.

Prayer Requests:

  • We kicked off our partnership development again last week, after all of our travels in June and July. As we meet with people and share the vision the Lord has given us for Togo, please pray for much fruit – not financially, per say, but spiritually and relationally.
  • Speaking of partners, we are having a Partner Dessert Potluck on Saturday – please pray for good weather and a great time of fellowship with our partnership team! We are so excited to bring everyone together and share an update. If you’d like to come, please message us – we’d love to have you!!
  • As we mentioned in our July newsletter, we are trying to be really intentional about rest this month… and that is hard!! There are so many things vying for our attention. Pray that we can discern the most important things and really put our hands to the work right where we are in a productive and God-honoring way.

How can we pray for you this week, friends?!


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