Friday Favorites

Hi friends! Happy Friday! It’s fun to write these posts and look back at what we did each week. None of it is very monumental, but the day-to-day life is special and worth celebrating.

Allen taught the missions class at VBS this week and everyday, he sent me pictures of the drawings he made for his lessons. On Thursday, he veered from the curriculum and shared about Togo. These were his drawings:

Each student received one of our Togo stickers and Allen shared pictures and spoke about Togo. The kids even got to play the djembe we brought back from Ghana!

On his way to church, Allen stopped for a coffee. The manager at Perk Up saw the djembe and started asking questions. Allen was able to share some with him about what God is leading us to… and the manager gave him his coffee for free! It’s the little things.

Also, this was Ruth everyday leaving VBS:


Sleepy girl!

Another highlight: Allen also wrapped up finals! We had a lot of conversations this week about his future course loads, timelines, etc. and look forward to sharing those thoughts with y’ll soon.

Monday night, we took a walk around Reflections Lake. Oggie loved swimming in the lake, Ruth loved wading in her cowboy boots, and we all just loved being outside together.

Finally, we have two exciting things coming up this month:

  • Tomorrow, August 11, we are having a “Moving to Togo” sale! From baby stuff to furniture, we are starting to clean house! If you are local, stop by and find some treasures.
  • Next Saturday, August 18, we are hosting a dessert potluck for our local partners at our house. We would love for you to join us! Send us a message if you’d like more information.

Have a great weekend!

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