Tuesday Talk

On Sunday, both my sweet Sunday School teacher and my Pastor reminded us that Christ was fully man, in addition to being fully God. He experienced everything that we do on earth, yet without sin.

That means, that Christ was tempted by busy-ness. Stress. Feeling overwhelmed. Being grumpy. Slothfulness. But He overcame all.

How? How did He do that?

By remaining in constant relationship with the Gardener. Through regular times of prayer and intentional rest, Christ ensured He had the tools necessary to navigate this broken world.

I’m so encouraged this week that Christ knows our struggles because He has experienced them, too. He knows what we need and He is able to meet that need wholly and perfectly.

hebrews 4 16

Let us pray confidently, knowing that every need is met in Christ.


  • Rain! Rain! Rain! I’m probably crazy (and very much in the minority) but I love this time of year in Alaska as things cool off, rain rushes in, fireweed pops up, and fall starts to make herself known. The rain this week has me feeling all warm and cozy.
  • If you read our July newsletter, you probably saw our note about intentionally slowing down this month. We took a family walk around Reflections Lake last night and it was so refreshing to be outside and just letting the girls explore.

Prayer Requests:

  • We were off on our weeks a little, and Allen’s finals are this week. Please be praying for wisdom and success in his classes.
  • Vacation Bible School is this week at our church, too. Allen is teaching the missions class. Pray for much fruit!
  • One of our ABWE partners, Joan, is heading back to Togo next month. Please pray for her as she packs, wraps up her ministries here in America, and transitions to life in West Africa again.
  • We are having a “Moving to Africa” yard sale this weekend. Pray for success, as the money will go into our Outfit & Passage account with ABWE. Pray, too, that we will be able to share our vision for Togo even with those who come to our sale!

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