Friday Favorites

It feels like forever since we have done a Friday Favorites! This week seemed a little odd, especially since we are still settling back in to being home… and both Allen and I got sick this week.

So here are our top 3 favorite things of the week:

1. Allen’s sister, Sonya, and our niece, Elizabeth, are visiting us this week! Of course, we don’t have any photos together yet, but we have loved chatting with Sonya, seeing E’s two-month-old facial expressions, and just being together. We hadn’t seen Sonya in a couple years, so this visit is extra special.

2. I had my 16-week check up for baby #3 this week. Baby seems to be strong and healthy and the heart rate was 160. We find out the end of this month if it’s a boy or girl… any guesses??


3. Clara had her 1-year check up this week, too, and apart from that pesky cold, she got a clean bill of health and perfect scores on her development. And look how cute she is! Lately, Clara loves to drink smoothies, tries to run, and still thinks pacifiers are where it’s at. We love seeing her grow and develop!


Hope you had a great week, friends! What was your favorite part?

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