Grocery Shopping Kara, Togo

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that one of our teammates, Joan,sent us some photos of the grocery store in Kara. We thought today would be a good day to share those photos!

Everyone kept telling us, “You can really buy anything in Kara! You can make any kind of food you want. Don’t worry about groceries at all!” But of course, you’re still a little wary about what that means…

  • Ruth loves chips… will there be chips we can buy her?!
  • I love peanut butter… can we have peanut butter sometimes?
  • Allen loves cooking with spices… are any available?
  • Clara loves eating… well, anything… so no worries there.

Let me tell you – when Joan sent these photos, I just laughed and laughed. Take a look for yourself:


togo 9

Rows and rows of Pringles. Ruth will be in heaven.


togo 7

All kinds of Skippy peanut butter.


togo 8

Three whole shelves (second from the bottom) with spices.


togo 5

And they even have diapers and pancake mix!

There’s more – they have Snickers bars and chicken nuggets in their freezers. There’s cheese (cheese!) available. Cleaning supplies. Chocolate syrup. Cake mix. A&W Rootbeer.

So, okay. Maybe we feel a little bit better about what we can eat in Togo. While we want to eat a lot of local fare, it’s so comforting knowing we can make a cake for our kids’ birthdays, or eat chips every now and then, or even just have a spoonful of peanut butter.

If you were moving to another country, what food would you miss most?





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