Tuesday Talk

We have had a busy few days of travel and training (are you following along on our Instagram stories? They are mostly embarrassing and awkward, but sometimes funny, we’re told.

Anyway, here are this week’s praises and prayer requests:


  • When we landed in Baltimore, we had to wrangle two kids, two umbrella strollers, two suitcases, and two car seats out of the airport, onto a bus, and across town to the rental car facility. We. Were. Struggling. But after we had checked in with the car rental place, a nice lady (who turned out to be a manager) offered to help us out to the car. All of a sudden, she turned and said, “How about an upgrade to an SUV? It will be easier to load your luggage.” After confirming it was a complimentary upgrade (#moneysmarts), we eagerly accepted and were granted a 2018 fancy something-or-other with 3rd row seating, a back up camera, AC, and seat warmers. We haven’t used the seat warmers yet (hello, 90* + weather!) but the option is nice!  It not only that…
  • The nice gentleman who did the car paperwork with us asked what brought us to MD. When I said we were attending training in preparation of becoming career missionaries to Togo, he said, “No way! I’m from Nigeria!” We had a great talk about West Africa (he moved to the US when he was 7, but went back for a visit about 5 years ago) and we even gave him a prayer card. It was such a God-Thing to make that connection happen in a car rental facility in Baltimore.
  • Just before we left, we saw a sweet and generous gift from a church we visited in North Pole last month! Y’all, we were SO encouraged by their love and faithful support of missions!
  • Today is our sweet Clara Mae’s first birthday! Her crazy curls, infectious giggle, and love for people light up our home. Happy birthday, little one!

Prayer Requests:

  • Please continue to pray for safe travels. We leave the DC area on Thursday to drive to southern VA for a few days, then head back to PA on Sunday.
  • Allen, the girls, and I are all not feeling well. We have sore throats, coughs, sniffly noses… and the time change, constant travel, and sleeping in new places hasn’t helped. Our girls are troopers and adjusting well to all the chaos, but it would help if we all felt better!
  • We are really looking forward to a few days of refreshment at this ME conference. As we connect with teammates and friends, please pray for encouragement, guidance, and rest.

Thanks for praying, friends!

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