Tuesday Talk

Matthew 11:28 has been reverberating through my mind all day: “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Don’t we all need that? To trade our weary and burdened souls for ones that are refreshed by the Lord? To choose to rest in Him more than we choose to run ragged trying to fulfill our to-do lists? To allow His rest to reach to the core of who we are and replace that frantic, searching lifestyle?

I know I need that.


  • We’ve had a great time with my Mama in town. We are so thankful for her encouragement, love, and intentional time with each of us. Ruth has loved snuggling with her and watching “Spirit” on Netflix; Clara has loved the extra cuddles; and Allen and I have loved just sharing what’s on our hearts with her.
  • The last week or so, we had beautiful weather here in Alaska! We played outside and loved the sunshine.
  • We celebrated Clara’s 1st birthday on Saturday. Our sweet littlest girl turned out to not be a big fan of donuts (we had a brunch party), but loved all of her new musical toys and having some of her favorite people over to our house.

Prayer Requests:

  • Allen is in the middle of his semester. He is just tired from balancing school, life, pre-field, etc., and he is fighting through some allergies right now. Pray for endurance, rest, and complete healing.
  • We travel this week to the East Coast. Please pray for safety, smooth connections, and that the girls will sleep on the flights.

matthew 11 28

May this week be restful for you and may the Lord refresh you like only He can.

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