Friday Favorites

Wasn’t this kind of a weird week? With the 4th of July on a Wednesday, it felt like we had two Mondays… and that’s just tough to handle sometimes! But some of our favorite parts of the week are coming up, so read on, mighty warrior!

Favorite Thing Number One: My mama flew up this week!!!!!!!!


What a happy, happy day to see her at the airport, talk the whole way home, and just BE with my mama!

Also super special: seeing her reunite with my kiddos.


Clara was obviously very surprised by this new visitor.

Favorite Thing Number Two: Allen played me this song this week, encouraging me to really listen to the lyrics, and said he feels like it’s our anthem right now. Fair warning: it’s country music from the early 2000s, so if that isn’t your thing, you can pass on listening to it. But if you want a real glimpse of our daily life, here you go!

Favorite Thing Number Three: The weather this week has been gorgeous! It’s been in the 70s and 80s almost everyday, and our girls have loved playing outside.


Favorite Thing Number Four: Clara is healing so well! From these pictures, you could hardly even tell she had surgery a week and a half ago! What a trooper.

Favorite Thing Number Five: Recently, Allen and I were planning ministry meetings and whatnot, getting a game plan for this fall. I started feeling a little overwhelmed, to be honest. Our goal is to be at 100% of our monthly need by December and it just felt like a lot.

But God is just so good… and over the course of the next few days, we had several people approach us about wanting to know more about Togo and how they could partner with us. How good of God to send people to us in the midst of feeling lost and overwhelmed!

In other news, We are gearing up to head to training next week, plus this Sunday, we are sharing an update with our church family at FLBC. And Sunday evening, Allen is preaching. It will be a full weekend, but a good one! Secretly, I’m also praying for  rain…

Have a great weekend!

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