So You’re Having a Baby…

… How does that affect your timeline?

Well, it doesn’t. Not really, at least.

Baby #3 is due in January. All along, the plan at my work had been to post my position in January, hire in February, and begin cross-training in March. All of that will still happen as planned. I’ll simply take maternity leave in January and February and when I start back in March, I’ll be training my replacement!

Our plan had always been to leave AK in April, and we’ll still do that, too. We anticipate traveling the Lower 48 through the summer, heading to France in the fall for language school, and Lord willing, being in Togo in the summer or fall of 2020.

Now, we’ll just do all of that with an infant in tow! We know that adjusting to life in foreign countries (first France then Togo) with three kids ages 3 and under will be challenging… but we also know that God goes before us and gives us strength.

Isaiah 55 8-9

We are thankful that the Lord’s timing is not our own, nor are His plans. We trust what He is doing with our lives, and especially the life of this littlest blessing.

3 thoughts on “So You’re Having a Baby…

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