Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday! What a (full and crazy and exciting) month it has been! Can you believe it’s almost the end of June?!

Here are some new praises and prayer requests for the week:


  • Allen and the guys from FLBC survived their hike last weekend! It was 22 miles of hills, waterfalls, bears (in the distance, thankfully), and great conversation. He came home exhausted but full of joy.
  • Clara’s surgery on Monday went well and she seems to be healing okay so far! She has some little stitches in and we have a follow-up appointment on July 10th to make sure everything looks good. All of the nurses were smitten by her and I even got to share with one of them about Togo.
  • On Sunday, we wrapped up our church visits at Frontier Fellowship! It has been such a blessing sharing with the body of Christ around Alaska over the last 5 weeks. We’re taking a little church-visiting break until August or so, but we would love to share with more churches if possible! Let us know if yours might be interested.
  • We are officially registered for our Essential Missions Components training next month! We’re especially excited because some ABWE friends we met in Ghana this last winter will be there helping lead the training. It will be so good to reconnect with them.

Prayer Requests:

  • As always, rest. That commodity seems to be in short supply all. the. time. Anyone else feel that way?!
  • For Clara’s recovery from surgery. She is such a little trooper and we want to see her back to normal as soon as possible.
  • Our next big parternship goal is to be at 85% of our monthly need by Allen’s birthday, October 23rd. Will you join us in praying for that?
  • Allen’s summer semester is well underway. As you think of him, please pray for focus during the next month as we travel, and for good time management.

We are so thankful for all of you who are walking this path with us. We pray for you often and thank God for you!

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