Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday! We had a lovely weekend spending time in the sunshine and hanging out with friends (new and old!). Here are some updated praises and prayer requests – join us as we rejoice in the work God is doing and pray for some identified needs.


  • We loved sharing at Immanuel Baptist this weekend. We sang hymns, spoke about Togo, and were able to connect with the body of Christ at that church. Thank you, Immanuel, for having us! After the service, IBC expressed interest in potentially partnering with us and we were so encouraged by their desire to engage in the work God is doing in Togo.
  • We are already starting to gather things to pack in our container to ship to Togo. Bed sheets, towels, flip flops, plastic dishes, clothes for the girls… we have a list in Excel that we’re slowly working down, based on feedback from Janelle and women in Togo. It’s a lot of work planning for years’ worth of growing kids, birthdays/holidays, linens, etc. But it’s also so fun to imagine what our lives will look like in Togo. We praise God for His provision in this way!
  • 47% of our monthly funding is officially credited to our account! A huge thank you to those who have excitedly joined us at “ground zero” as our ministry to Togo begins. You have blessed us more than you know.

Prayer Requests:

  • We have less than 3 weeks until we are required to be at 50% of our monthly funding. In addition to developing those critical partnerships, we have several assignments to complete between now and June 25th.
  • We are speaking at University Baptist on Sunday, June 10th. Pray for the right words to share and for God’s will in partnerships.
  • I (Melissa) have not been feeling great this week – please pray for endurance and strength!

Last week, we spent some time writing down all of our partners’ names on index cards and praying for each of them by name. If there is something specific we can pray for, please let us know!

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