Friday Favorites

Every Friday night at the College & Career Bible study we lead, we go around the table and everyone shares the best part of their week. We could have shared all sorts of things this week, both at Bible study and with y’all:

  • Celebrating my 30th birthday last Saturday
  • Buying 12 pairs of flip flops on massive sale (and getting to share with the cashier about taking them to Togo)
  • Allen getting a great head start on his course load for the semester
  • Playing in the sunshine all weekend long
  • Inscribing verses on the studs at church as our summer building project begins
  • Eating Memorial Day dinner with friends-like-family
  • Allen and the girls visiting me at work (and me sitting in the sunshine on the curb outside my building with Ruth while she ate ice cream) (pictured above)
  • Writing the names of all our partners on index cards and praying for each person, family, and church by name

But we really saw God working this week…


… and we are at 46% of our monthly support!

We have been praying daily this week that those who have verbally committed to partnering with us will follow-through officially online, and we are excited to see how God continues to meet our needs through partnership development.

We are presenting at another church on Sunday – Immanuel Baptist in Anchorage – and praying that the Lord speaks through us to them.

Thank you for faithfully walking this journey with us – it is fun and crazy and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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