Tuesday Talk

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend! We had some thunder and rain here, but so enjoyed our time as a family relaxing and remembering those who gave their lives in defense of our nation.

We have some updated praises and prayer requests to share:


  • We shared at Agape Fellowship on Sunday and had the best time meeting with brothers and sisters in Christ, expressing the vision God has given us for Togo, and handing out prayer cards and stickers. Thank you for praying for our presentation there!
  • I am thankful for the people who go before us! Janelle, a sweet friend serving in West Africa, is sending me weekly lists of items to bring with us and I’ve started a master spreadsheet in Excel that lists the item, quantity we need, quantity we have, and the remainder. Dorky? Probably. Helpful?? For sure!

Prayer Requests:

  • We are one month out from our deadline (June 25th) to be at 50%.
  • Allen’s summer semester starts today. He is taking four online courses, so pray for endurance and focus.
  • We are sharing at Immanuel Baptist in Anchorage on June 3rd! Please pray that we will communicate effectively and God will be glorified.

Have a great week, friends. Please let us know how we can be praying for you, too.

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