Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Today we’re sharing our five favorite moments from the week. Click on to read more!


1. We are at 17% percent of our monthly support and 4% of our Outfit & Passage! And a special thank you to the Anonymous partner who gave to our account – we appreciate your generous gift.

I had a moment of freak out and doubt earlier this week, thinking we would never be at 50% by mid-June, that we’d never be able to head to Togo… and then Allen texted me that another partner had signed up online. I’m reminded of Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast for he trusts in you.” Lord, my mind is steadfast on You!

Girls & Moose

2. We have some moose who frequent our yard. Ruth LOVES to watch them when they come through. We saw one on Monday and both girls wanted to watch from the couch. At one point, Ruth turned to Clara and said, “Cay-Mae-Belle, see moose outside?” I loved that she wanted to make sure Clara saw what was going on.

Also, please note that Ruth does indeed call Clara “Cay-Mae-Belle” all the time. In fact, I think she’s only called her “Clara” a handful of times. Clara’s middle name is Mae, after my Grandma Lynda, but I sometimes call her Clara Belle. Ruth decided one day to smash all three names together, so Cay-Mae-Belle it is!

We are savoring seeing moose… when we head to Togo, we are more likely to see lions, leopards, or elephants in our yard!


3. Both girls were sick this week… but both girls are on the mend now! Praise the Lord. Thursday night while I was cooking dinner, I looked over at Clara, and she was falling asleep in her high chair drinking a bottle. This week has worn our girls out.


4. Allen is done with finals! He only has a week long break or so, but I know he is looking forward to some time “off”.


5. Tomorrow, Allen is the best man in a wedding for two young adults who come to our College & Career Bible Study! Caleb (in the middle of the picture above from when the guys went biking in Hawaiian shirts last weekend) has been attending since we started the group in 2014, and Taylor has come since she graduated high school. We love both of them so much – their hearts for the Lord are so genuine and they desire to serve Him on mission together. We can’t wait to see how God uses them to further His kingdom.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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