Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday! Our weekend flew by in a flash: College & Career Friday night (all guys, so they had a campfire and I watched Netflix inside where it was cozy), Allen and the guys went biking all day Saturday and I had the best time with my girls, then Sunday was full of church, naps, planting flowers, and just life.


  • We are officially at 15% of our monthly funding! Y’all, this is a straight-up miracle and only by the grace of God. To His name be the glory!
  • It’s so funny how God has almost forced us to step back from things through various circumstances. At the time, it always seems frustrating (“But God! We had planned XYZ!!”) then after a while we see His blessing and His hand in it (“Oh, Lord, You are good to allow that to happen!”). Can anyone else relate?!

Prayer Requests:

  • This Sunday, May 20th, FLBC is voting about our level of support and being our sending church. Please join us in praying that the vote to send us in unanimous and our support level is at least 25%.
  • Well, Clara has Hand, Foot, & Mouth disease. And Ruth has some bug that’s made her puke-y and lethargic (UPDATE: We think she has HFAM, too – poor girls!) Pray for swift and thorough healing!
  • Allen is in the midst of finals week. Please pray for wisdom for him, for time to study, and for a good week of rest between semesters.
  • We are debating some things regarding Allen’s class load for the remainder of his degree program, ministry needs, life, etc. and need wisdom.

Have a great week and please let us know how we can be praying for you this week, too.

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