Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!


On the ministry front, we are officially at 14% and have scheduled presentations with 6 churches in May and June! Specific dates are listed on our Facebook page. Lord willing, we will be at 40% by the end of the month, when our church votes on May 20th regarding their level of support as our sending church.

In addition to reaching 50% funding by mid-June to attend EMC, we have to complete several assignments, including reading some books. We started reading one together this week and it’s been fun to discuss it. Plus, it’s all about cross-cultural communications, which was one of my favorite courses from my Master program so I’m pumped. #nerdalert

In other news…

It snowed earlier this week. (Monday? Tuesday? Can’t remember.) But then by this morning, as I drove to work, I saw GREEN LEAVES on trees and everything felt right in the world again.

Clara had her 9-month well-baby visit this week. She’s in the 96th percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight. This girl loves to pull herself up to standing, dance, clap, and crawl after everyone! If you leave a room that she’s in, you better believe she’ll be right behind you in 30 seconds or less.

We had a mini family date to Cold Stone after Clara’s checkup. Sitting together, relaxing, and eating ice cream was a favorite this week, for sure. (Thanks for the gift card, Marianne and Scott!)

Ruth had a great week of sleeping through the night and earning prizes! Then, last night, she had a great time hiding all her prizes in the fridge. #facepalm

For whatever reason, Ruth loves to nap in the truck. The other day, she asked Allen, “Nap truck, please?” so he conceded. After a good snooze, he took the girls to get Ruth some new 3T coats… and how grown up is she in this vest?!


Have a great weekend, friends!

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