Togo has three “national” languages: French (spoken throughout the country), Ewe (spoken in the south), and Kabiye (spoken in the north). Kara, Togo is located in the northern part of the country, so we will learn Kabiye.

The whole Bible has been translated into Kabiye, but when I was doing research the other day, I also found THIS RESOURCE: Creation to Christ videos and lessons in Kabiye! While I had no idea what they were saying at any given time, it was so cool to hear the Gospel in the language that we will share the Gospel in ourselves!

I encourage you to listen to the lessons (at least for a minute or two). And as you do, pray for the believers who grew up hearing the name of Jesus spoken in that language. Pray that they will be a light to those around them, that Jesus’ name will be magnified in Kabiye! Pray that unbelievers will hear His name and be saved as well.

Where Kabiye is Spoken.png

Kabiye is also spoken in Benin and Ghana (as marked by the green dots above), so when the Lord grants us opportunities to travel, we will be able to communicate in other countries as well. Just over 1.2 million people (total) speak the language, so while it’s use may be limited, learning it is critical. People respond when you share the Word in their heart language, so our use of Kabiye may very well be one thing the Lord uses to draw many to Himself.

Gur People Cluster.png

The Kabiye people group is part of the Gur people cluster, which spans across Western Africa from Senegal to Cameroon, focused primarily in and around Burkina Faso.

The colored dots on the maps above indicate the status of different people groups, as reported by the Joshua Project: dark green dots indicate the people group has been reached with the Gospel and red dots indicate they are completely unreached. So while the Kabiye people group has been “reached” with the Gospel, they are part of a people cluster (the Gur) that is not. Of the 120 Gur people groups, just two claim Christianity as their primary religion… and less than 30% of them are Evangelical Christians.

There is much work to do on this side of the world! These precious people are dying and spending eternity apart from Christ in a literal hell.

If you’re interested in joining us as we serve in Togo, please let us know! We’d love to have you join us in Kara long-term or short-term, as the Lord leads you.


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