Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! Time to share some of the highlights of this week:


Looking at our family pictures from last weekend was a favorite of mine. These sweet faces make me so happy. Ruth and Clara’s individual photos make me think of school pictures and I’m SO THANKFUL we still have a couple years before school starts for them.

Our KCT class ended yesterday and we are looking forward to starting our coaching calls next week! Another favorite thing about that? Not having to wake up at 5:00am anymore. The class was really helpful and fun and we’re excited to put what we’ve learned into practice in the next few days, weeks, and months. On Tuesday, we start meeting with our Coach who will mentor us for the next few months while we meet with potential partners and share our vision with them.



It is slowly warming up outside, which means swinging and keeping Oggy company outside. Allen sent me these photos this week and they made me so excited for summer and the fun adventures we can go on with our girls. We are planning a trip up to Fairbanks/North Pole sometime this summer and hopefully we’ll be able to pop down to Seward, Homer, or even Kodiak!

5K Inspiration.png

Y’all. I ran a mile and a half this week. Without stopping. This is huge for me. Allen wants us to run a 5K in June, so I’m determined to be ready for it!… and hopefully fare better than Michael Scott. Any beginning running tips you can share??

We’ve scheduled several ministry meetings – we have THREE this weekend! I’m so excited to share what the Lord’s placed on our hearts with people we love! Speaking of, have you checked out this week’s Vision Casting post? It’s part 2 of a series that explains in more detail what God is calling our family to do in Togo.

And finally, we bought a djembe while in Ghana in January. The video above is of the men who made our djembe. We were at the cultural market in Accra and they brought us into their little shack of a store. It was FILLED with different sizes and colors of djembes! They were all beautiful. The men sat down and all started drumming. It was incredible! Clara was in her sling carrier… and slept through the whole thing! I took a djembe drumming class with a friend a couple years ago and am quite rusty… but I pulled it out last night after the girls were in bed and the kitchen was cleaned, and it was so fun to just play around with various beats and tempos. I’m not good at it (no shame) but I want to accompany a friend while she sings one day! So I’ll keep practicing in private for now 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend! We’re looking forward to NO PLANS on Saturday and a full Sunday!

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