Vision Casting: Part 2

This is week two of casting our vision before you with the hopes of helping you understand what we’re doing and why. Our work in Togo will be three-fold:

Each week, we’ll focus on one of these aspects before painting a picture of how they’ll work together and guide our work and time abroad. This week, we are focusing on…

Bible Teaching

Some pastors in Togo do not have a formal Bible education. We hope that one of our roles in Togo will be to provide Biblical teaching to pastors, their wives, and other believers. The ultimate goal in this is two-fold: to increase their Biblical literacy and to develop disciples who can train other disciples.

The challenge that we’ll run into with this part of our ministry, however, will be the language barrier. French, Kabiye (in the north, where we will be), and Ewe (in the south) are the official languages in Togo… and currently, we are fluent in none of those!

Allen and I both love to teach: adults, youth, kids… we love it all. Our goals for language study will be to learn the languages (French and Kabiye) well enough to teach fluently without an interpreter.

As we teach the word of God to believers in Togo, we trust that His word will not return void, that it is still living and active, and that it is right and true. As we teach it, we pray that they will be gripped with a love for His word and a desire to teach it to others.

This video highlights the importance of Bible teaching in Togo. While we were in Ghana in January 2018, we met D’Abra, the woman in the video. She taught at a Pastors’ wives retreat we held and it was such a pleasure to sit under her teaching for the weekend! I wish y’all could meet her… she is so precious.

Next week, we will share more about our orphan ministry! It is near and dear to our hearts and we can’t wait to share that passion with you as well.


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