Tuesday Talk!

On Sunday afternoon, Ruth fell and hit her head pretty hard on our linoleum floors. She fussed then quickly fell asleep for her normal mid-afternoon nap. But when she woke up 45 minutes later, she had a very large bump on her head and couldn’t stop crying. We decided to take her to Urgent Care, just to make sure she was okay… and on the way there, she began throwing up. At Urgent Care, they told us to take her right to the ER, so we headed there are quickly as we could.

When we got there, they checked her out while she napped on and off with me in the bed. They took her for a CT Scan (and said she was their best patient all day!) after checking her vitals and we could do nothing but wait and pray. Ruth was so so brave during her CT Scan. I stood next to her, holding her foot and talking to her while she was in that big machine and I’m so proud of how she held so still, just looking at me and waiting for it to be done.

Finally, the word came back: everything looked fine. No internal problems, no fractures, nothing. Praise. The. Lord. After a popsicle and some more snuggles, we were cleared to go home.


The hospital gave Ruth a cute and cuddly bear who definitely helped her feel better at the hospital!


Gma Linda came and picked Clara up while we were waiting for Ruth’s CT Scan and results. As soon as we got out to the Jeep, Ruth asked “Where Cae-Mae go?!” like she had just now noticed she wasn’t with us! We drove out to the Hoffman’s house, ate some leftover halibut and salad, and drove our girls home. Soon they were in bed and Allen and I wrapped up some mailings that were pending from the weekend.

We are so thankful for God’s protective hand on Ruth this weekend. As I laid in the hospital bed with her, I just kept praying that she would be okay, that there would be no lasting effects. And praise the Lord, everything turned out okay. In fact, when Ruth woke up Monday morning, she immediately asked for chips and chocolate milk… I think she’s just fine! 🙂


  • God’s protection over Ruth, friends-like-family who agree to watch Clara on a moment’s notice, and sweet hospital workers who were so kind to all of us.
  • Allen had a great conversation with a classmate last week – he came home so encouraged and excited about their discussion.
  • Beautiful spring weather!!!
  • The girls have been sleeping SO much better. Clara, in fact, has slept straight through the night a couple of times (like 11-12 hours!!!).

Prayer Requests:

  • We have some South Togo teammates who are preparing to head overseas, some who are struggling with personal situations, and some who are enjoying time at home. Pray for God’s work in each of their lives.
  • Diligence in managing our time, relationships, and ministry needs… and making time to relax and rejuvenate as a family.

Please let us know how we can be praying for you as well!

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