Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!

Our plans this weekend include Bible study tonight, new family photos tomorrow morning, Costco run… So to kick it off, here are some of our favorites from this week:

This girl is a hoot. Bath time with the girls is always fun, but this week, our favorite was really how well Clara is sleeping now. A couple nights this week, she went to bed at about 6:30pm and only woke once at 11:00pm. *High five* We have been so thankful for those few extra hours of sleep it warranted us. Now if only Ruth would stop getting up in the night to go potty…

I heard a quote this week that I loved from Lysa TerKeurst:

Our job is to obey God. His job is everything else.

I’m listening to her book Uninvited on Audible while working this week. The parts I pick up (while not focusing on other projects) are so encouraging. I’m feeling challenged to just obey… to not worry about everything, to not stress out, to just obey as we wait to see God do everything else!

FF4-13-2018 6

Allen and the girls came by my work the other day to pick something up. And I ended up taking a quick break with him to grab a coffee! It was so random and fun. And being with him is always encouraging.

FF4-13-2018 5

Lesley and I with Juliet at our final coffee date before she moved! 😦

I had the BEST FaceTime date with Juliet (in the middle, above) last night. She got married in December and moved to Juneau and I haven’t seen her since! It was so much fun to catch up on married life, work, church, etc. I’m so happy to see how God is using my sweet friend and her husband in the South East.

We are setting up appointments with friends and family to share our vision (speaking of which, we started a new Vision Casting series! Part 1 is available here). And thanks to some connections I made at the Women on Mission Celebration,we have some churches to contact as well.

I probably will end up saying this every week, but it’s so true – I work with the best people. Everyone at my work has been so kind and supportive to Allen and me as we embark on this journey to follow the Lord to Togo. I’m not sure how we would handle everything if it weren’t for their genuinely excited and loving words. We. Are. Blessed.

Happy Friday, friends! Enjoy this spring day and have a great weekend!

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