Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! This has been a crazy week… and the weekend doesn’t seem to be any different. We are so thankful for this time in our lives because it is requiring us to increase our dependence on God to see us through it all.I’ve had many opportunities to share at my work about what God is preparing us for in Togo! Some highlights:

  • After sharing our vision with a coworker, he literally emptied his wallet of all cash, handed it to me, and said he wanted to start supporting us financially right then and there.
  • Another coworker said she taped our prayer card to the dashboard in her car so she could pray for us every day. She said her son asked about it and, after explaining to him what we’re doing and who we are, he said, “That’s so beautiful.”
  • I shared with another coworker the work God is calling us to and, after asking if it was an April Fool’s Day joke, said she was so excited for us and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling when she sees us.

I work with some of the BEST, most supportive people. I am so so thankful for everyone who has encouraged us, asked about our plans, and just been excited. Thank you!!


We have a favorite coffee stand in Palmer – the baristas are so kind and recognize us (or really, our daughters) when we come through.

Allen is the best – he is a full-time student, works a part-time job, stays home with our kiddos everyday, and even cooks dinner 99% of the time. I’m so thankful to be his partner in this adventure! This week, he brought me a coffee at work and it just blessed my heart to see how he loves me and our family.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been waking up this week at 5:00am for our Kingdom Come Training. And really, it is so nice to have that little bit of time drinking coffee and eating breakfast with Allen. The slow(er) start to the day is so refreshing.


The sunrise on Tuesday was stellar. I love this time of year – as I drive to work, I get to watch the sunrise and celebrate the creativity of our Lord.

Our first monthly support was recorded in our ABWE account, so we are officially at 4% of our monthly need! Allen and I will begin our ministry meetings in the next week or so and are getting excited to start presenting our vision to our partners.

Ruth's Kuspuk

Y’all can see our real life here: stickers and crayons on the floor, shoes/toys/clothes/etc. in the background, and Ruth’s new boots on the wrong feet. But that sweet face… love!!

Allen sent me this picture of Ruth this week. I made her the kuspuk for Christmas in 2016 and it finally fits! *insert happy face* Unfortunately, it also makes her look like she’s six years old. *insert sad face* Love this girl so much.

Me and Clara 4-3-2018

This little 8-month girl is wearing TWELVE MONTH clothes!

Speaking of girlies, Clara officially has 4 teeth! Her little smiles are one of my favorites.

Hope your weekend is relaxing, fun, and full of spring-weather! We have a few presentations to do this weekend, so as you think of us, please pray for us: for clarity of speech, for excitement around our vision, and most of all, for God’s name to be glorified. Thanks for being on this wild ride with us!


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