At yesterday’s Kingdom Come Training, Allen shared a story about teaching AWANAs one night. Years ago, he had a night where everything went wrong: a fight broke out during game time between four boys, he couldn’t get through the lesson, no one was listening… it was awful. He went home, wondering if he should even keep going, if it was even worth it. After some encouragement and wise counsel, he returned to AWANAs the following week… and three of the four boys surrendered their lives to Christ.

Sometimes, after really hard days, really good days come. 

I thought about that story all night long. At 9:00pm, when Ruth woke up. At 11:00pm, when Clara woke up. At midnight, when Ruth AND Clara woke up. At 1:30am, when Clara was STILL up. At 2:00am, when we finally gave in and she came to sleep in our bed. At 4:00am, when Ruth woke up AGAIN. At 5:00am, when my alarm went off. At 5:30am, when Ruth declared she was “All done!” with her bed and Clara woke with a cry in our bed right as KCT was beginning.

Sometimes, after really hard days, really good days come.

So today, I am resting Psalm 30 – When things are hard, God does not let our foes rejoice over us. He has healed us. He has brought up our lives. We can praise Him. We can have joy in Him. He makes us stand firm. He turns our mourning into dancing. He clothes us with gladness. Let’s just rest in that today.

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